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Herniated Disc Specialist - Dayton, OH

Condition: Lumbar Disc Herniation

Lumbar disc herniation, which occurs when one of the discs in your lower spine becomes inflamed and ruptures out of its casing, can affect more than just your lower back. The associated symptoms of pain, numbness, weakness and loss of mobility can ultimately travel all the way down your leg, restricting your ability to walk and go about your day.

At Dayton Neurologic Associates, Dr. Michael Verdon provides lumbar discectomy surgery and lumbar laminectomy surgery to relieve the painful, movement-restricting symptoms of a herniated lumbar disc. As one of the best minimally-invasive spine surgeons in the Dayton area, Dr. Verdon is well-equipped to evaluate and treat patients with lumbar disc herniation in a compassionate, welcoming environment. When you are a patient at our practice, you won’t just be a number -- you’ll be family.

If you’re ready to start receiving top-quality care from the best neurosurgeons in Dayton, OH, reach out to us to begin the conversation about lumbar disc herniation surgery today. Request an appointment online or call a location near you to get started on your journey to a fuller, pain-free life!

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Chronic Back Pain Doctor for Fast Relief

Expert Lumbar Laminectomy and Discectomy Solutions

Dr. Verdon and the team at Dayton Neurologic will always offer the least invasive treatments possible, including for lumbar disc herniations. For some patients the symptoms associated with their herniated disc can be managed using nonsurgical methods. That said, many patients continue to struggle with their symptoms even after a conservative treatment period. If this is the case for you, you may consider spinal surgery as an option for effective, long-term relief. 

Dr. Verdon is experienced in providing two types of spinal surgery to treat lumbar disc herniation:

  • Lumbar Discectomy: During a discectomy procedure, Dr. Verdon will remove material from your herniated disc that frees the nerves in your lower spine affected by that disc.
  • Lumbar Laminectomy: During a lumbar laminectomy, parts of the vertebra will be removed rather than parts of the disc in order to alleviate pressure.

If you’re thinking about minimally-invasive spine surgery for a lumbar disc herniation, it’s important to remember that every patient is unique, and that Dr. Verdon will base your treatment plan on your individual conditions, history, and goals for recovery.

Patient-First Neurological Spine Specialist

Your Trusted Endoscopic Discectomy Specialist in Dayton

As a neurological spine specialist with 20 years of experience treating spinal conditions, Dr. Michael Verdon understands how challenging and frustrating it can become to find relief for the symptoms of a lumbar disc herniation. At Dayton Neurologic Associates, we operate a small, independently owned practice that allows us to guarantee that every patient sees Dr. Verdon at each of their appointments. This way, we can offer you the time you need to achieve an accurate diagnosis, a treatment plan that works for you, and results that drastically improve your quality of life.

When you become a patient at Dayton Neurologic Associates, you’ll receive one-on-one care from one of the most experienced surgeons in the field. If you’re ready to get started with a neurologist who truly cares about you and your recovery, look no further than Dayton Neurologic. Request an appointment online today to get started on your recovery journey. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the typical lumbar herniated disc recovery time?

Every patient is different, and your recovery time will depend on your unique situation, goals and needs. Dr. Verdon will discuss your recovery timeline with you as part of your consultation.

What’s the difference between a discectomy and a laminectomy?

In both procedures, material will be removed to alleviate pressure due to your herniated disc. The difference is that during discectomy, the material will be taken from your disc, and during laminectomy, bone will be removed from your vertebra. 

What are the long-term effects of a herniated lumbar disc?

If left untreated, lumbar herniated discs can eventually cause your spinal cord to be compressed or “pinched.” This can result in numbness and inflammation in your legs. In serious cases, it can impact your ability to walk and coordinate your movement.

How can I get started with the best neurologist Dayton, Ohio has to offer?

At Dayton Neurologic, we make it easy to schedule an appointment with Dr. Verdon. Just use our online scheduling tool to select a day that works for you.