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Spine Surgery for a Cervical Herniated Disc

Condition: Cervical Disc Herniation

If you’re struggling with the symptoms of a cervical disc herniation, you know how drastically those symptoms can impact your everyday life. From causing you severe chronic neck or arm pain to limiting your mobility, a cervical herniated disc can make even the most basic tasks painful, difficult, or even impossible.

At Dayton Neurologic Associates, Dr. Michael Verdon provides cervical disc replacement surgery to relieve the painful, movement-restricting symptoms of a herniated cervical disc. As a specialist in the latest minimally-invasive surgical techniques, Dr. Verdon is well-equipped to evaluate and treat patients with cervical disc herniation in a compassionate, welcoming environment. When you are a patient at our practice, you won’t just be a number -- you’ll be family.

If you’re ready to start receiving top-quality care from the best neurosurgeons in Dayton, OH, reach out to us today. Request an appointment online or call a location near you to get started on your journey to a fuller, pain-free life!

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Herniated Disc Replacement Surgery for Chronic Neck Pain

Cutting-Edge Techniques From Leading Spine Specialist 

While some patients struggling with a cervical herniated disc can manage their symptoms using pain relievers, others find little relief as the disc fails to resolve on its own. Many patients become frustrated that their damaged cervical disc continues to be a source of recurring pain. If this describes you, you may be a candidate for herniated disc replacement surgery.

Here’s how a herniated disc replacement with Dr. Verdon works:

  • While you are under anaesthesia, Dr. Verdon will create a small invision in the front of your neck.
  • Through the incision, Dr. Verdon will remove the herniated disc from your spine.
  • Once the disc is removed, an artificial disc will be implanted in its place.
  • Dr. Verdon will then close the incision, and your new disc will function just as the original disc did.

When thinking about how to treat cervical disc herniation, it’s important to remember that every patient is unique, and that Dr. Verdon will base your treatment plan on your individual conditions, history, and goals for recovery.

Dr. Michael P. Verdon- Dayton Neurologic Associates

Cervical Disc Herniation Treatment in Dayton, OH

As the owner of Dayton Neurologic Associates, Dr. Michael P. Verdon is fully committed to each and every one of his patients' recovery journeys. As a small, independently-owned practice devoted solely to spinal and neurological health, Dr. Verdon is able to give his patients ample one-on-one attention, seeing them at every visit. Moreover, you will not have to endure lengthy wait times as patients tend to at bigger practices. 

When it comes to spine health, you deserve a physician who will be with you every step of the way. If you or a loved one are living with cervical disc herniation, you can now put your “spine specialist near me” searches to rest. Find a location near you and give us a call, or request an appointment online to start your recovery journey!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the long-term effects of a herniated disc in neck?

If left untreated, cervical herniated discs can eventually cause your cervical nerve root to be compressed or “pinched.” This can result in numbness and inflammation in your entire arm. In serious cases, it can impact your ability to walk and coordinate your movement.

What is the typical cervical herniated disc recovery time?

Every patient is different, and your recovery time will depend on your unique situation, goals and needs. Dr. Verdon will discuss your recovery timeline with you as part of your consultation.

What are the benefits of cervical disc replacement vs fusion?

In a spinal fusion procedure, a surgeon will simply allow the two vertebrae on either side of the herniated disc to fuse together instead of replacing it with an artificial disc. While this has given effective relief to many patients, a cervical disc replacement generally affords your spine much greater mobility than a fusion following your surgery.

How can I get started with the best neurosurgeon near me?

At Dayton Neurologic, we make it easy to schedule an appointment with Dr. Verdon. Just use our online scheduling tool to select a day that works for you.